Big thinkers, small team. We wouldn't have it any other way 


Ryan Bertram - Creative Director

Shaun Ono - Director, Communications and Business Operations

Founded in the spring of 2013, FIION is the brainchild of Shaun Ono and Ryan Bertram, two music-loving, basketball playing, Anthony Bourdain fans. The two Ryerson Graduates are looking to bring their creative and critical mindsets into the world of technology. Having both graduated with a degree in Radio and Television Arts, Ryan and Shaun are using their non-conventional digital media expertise to fuel their innovative spirits.


We wouldn't be creating these projects without the contribution and help of our network of developers, designers and thinkers. Big thanks to these individuals who help keep FIION up and running:

Abrar Haq - Lead Developer

Love Kumar Sharma - Lead Developer

Dennis Lieu - Graphic Design

Allan Toda - Animation/Design

Jill Secord - Animation/Design

Marshall Jeske - Video Production

Katie Anderson - Content Research 

Rachel Kearney - Content Research