Power Edge Pro, Mobile Hockey Trainer

Combined with Power Edge Pros new PEP PAK this IPAD application puts all of the PEP training system at your fingertips. The PEP PAK and Ultimate Mobile trainer takes skill development to a whole new level! Get the Edge on your Competition with the New PEP PAK and PEP Mobile Trainer.

Mattamy AC Interactive, Augmented Reality App

Created while studying at Ryerson University, Mattamy AC Interactive is a mobile application that brings to life the rich history of the Mattamy Athletic Centre, the former Maple Leaf Gardens. Using augmented reality technology, Mattamy AC Interactive provides users with additional virtual content about the events captured in the numerous photographs seen throughout the centre. Users point their devices on a trigger photo to bring to life the digital vignettes produced for each historic Gardens moment.

P.O.I.N.T Inc., Web Application

The POINT Community Resources Application provides an easy to use portal for finding and tracking senior's services in the North Toronto area. 



Soundpath, created by Fiion

Soundpath is our first original application launching in early 2015. Soundpath is an event/location based application where music is the only means to guide the user to the unknown location of their chosen event. The volume of music fluctuates depending on the proximity of the mobile device to the event location; if they're heading towards their destination, the volume increases, if they're heading away, the volume decreases. Look out for Soundpath making waves in the coming months!

Remembering The Real Winnie, Interactive Website

This narrative-driven interactive site tells the story of Winnie, the Canadian bear cub who's playful and friendly nature inspired one of the world's most famous children's story. Using imagery, soundscapes and motion graphics, the site provides multilayered access to an unknown piece of Canadian history.